The Products We Supply

UKCA work with many Packhouses and distribution centres providing Quality Control equipment and UKAS traceable certificates  for these busy and highly regulated environments. Giving our customers peace of mind they are well looked after and are working to a high standard.

With over 20 years’ experience UKCA Ltd have built a vast QA instrument catalogue providing the best instruments available from around the world.

Are you in need of sizing rings? We have designed our own Plastic sizing rings made from food grade plastic, making them easy to clean and very flexible. Rings can be produced in any size; also available are multi hole plates for smaller produce like grapes, cherries or blueberries.

Pressure Testing

We stock a full range of the FT series penetrometers so whether you are interested in the pressure of soft fruit, apples or avocados then we have the instrument for you.

The FT penetrometer can be mounted into a precision drill via an adaptor, these are both available from UKCA.

The FTA Automatic Penetrometer is an essential tool for the busy packhouse, giving an Excel spreadsheet of results for test samples and removing any human error from the traditional handheld instrument. Supplied and calibrated to a UKAS traceable standard by UKCA Ltd.

Looking for a shore meter to test your tomatoes? We supply a hand held digital shore meter at great value.


With the heavy workload now placed upon these instruments and the increasing need to get through batches of produce quickly, we are pleased to be able to offer the Kruss digital pocket refractometer. These German built rugged refractometers give instant results, speeding up the testing process.

The Atago range of instruments are still available on request, as are the optical refractometers.


UKCA have been selling thermometers from ETI Ltd for many years and these well-made British built thermometers are unrivalled for quality and price. Stocking all of the popular models, each available with an in-house certificate on request.

Data Collection and Handling

30MHz provides a data service for growers and all stakeholders in the horticulture sector. A central data platform to digitise the entire industry, with the help of smart sensors and various data partners. Making it possible for you to control and optimise your growth plans and production process in one easy-to-use digital platform. You can keep track of the crops in your greenhouse or tunnel in real-time, and keep an interactive record of your growing practices. You will be able to monitor and analyse information about, among other things, climate, soil moisture, energy use, CO2 and crop health at any time and place. This enables you to make more data-driven decisions to optimise growing conditions, for example by adjusting climate, irrigation and pest management strategies. Leading to higher productivity, greater resource efficiency and better crop quality. 30MHz offers digital horticulture as a service, in the form of a data platform and all the hardware necessary to capture the right data. We guarantee your system and tools are always working. Sounds intriguing? Then keep reading.

Download 30MHz latest brochure Here


Our popular, low cost sizing rings are a hit throughout Europe and found in most of the large packhouses. All sizes available from 2mm – 200mm and bigger.

Band gauges are a great way to measure all sizes on one instrument, we stock the Cranston Gauge from the USA, and the metal sizing bands for larger sizes.

If you require Vernier calipers, we stock the Digital Moore and Wright calipers giving great value and accuracy.

Weights and Scales

Individual precision weights and bench scales calibrated to a UKAS traceable standard, available on request.

Store Sealants

UKCA are proud to work closely with Ribbstyle BV. As one of the UK’s distributors we can offer the best store sealants available. We always carry stock of the most popular products including Ribbfill Storecoat, fleece and door gasket. Get in touch before the storage season starts for all your remedial repairs and for planning your storage projects.

Other Products


Isolcell's OXYCARB 6 has been conceived in order to be at the top of the market in the world of portable gas analysers.

This Portable dual gas has a sleek design, lightweight and easy touch screen operation, you will not be disappointed.

The Oxycarb 6 features:


Isolcell, focused to the needs of its clients, has developed the new ioniser AEROCLEAN, in order to maintain the freshness of the products and solving the conservation problems. An ioniser is a device that uses high voltage electricity to ionise air molecules. Air ionisation in a confined environment can provide a significant reduction of bacteria and fungi, neutralisation of odours and of specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and also aid the separation and filtration of molecules of “fine particulate matter” (PM) in the air.

The new equipment has been developed to control and prevent the formation of mould and pathogenic fungi such as botrytis, cladosporium, penicillium, aspergillus and others. It is also effective in reducing harmful volatile substances such as odours, contaminants and in particular ethylene (gas that speeds the ripening and senescence of fruits and vegetables in general). It is an effective solution to sanitise air and surfaces in premises used to preserve and store fruit and vegetables.

Starch Tester

The AMILON by Isolcell, is an automatic starchmeter that photographs an equatorial section of fruits that have been previously exposed to an iodine-potassium iodide solution. Innovative software processes the image and expresses a precise measurement of the starch stage.
This instrument is particularly suitable for all cases in which it is necessary to determine the index of ripeness in apples and pears with a quick measurement that is accurate and immune from erroneous interpretation.


We have been offering the Italian brand KUKER since 2019. KUKERS' new brushless, light weight, battery powered shears completing a great range of orchard care equipment. Only available through UKCA Ltd. Please follow the link for the complete Kuker Catalogue.



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