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Our aim is to offer the best tools available for the Fresh Produce industry, offering; Quality Assurance ‘QA’ instruments for Packhouses and the QA team, and for the Store operators; the machinery required to monitor and control long-term Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Stores. This comprehensive service gives our customers the best chance to market their Fruit and vegetables in top condition.

We specialise in equipment manufactured by the Italian company Isolcell. Isolcell have been manufacturing CA equipment since 1958 and their Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere ‘DCA’ Storage equipment is unrivalled technology. UKCA Ltd have been working with Isolcell since 2013 and have installed and serviced many DCA storage facilities throughout the UK.

A family business, UKCA Ltd boasts over 35 years’ experience and with our focus firmly on customer service, we have built up an incredibly loyal customer base. Our skills and expertise are testimony to our experience with a vast array of CA systems from multiple manufacturers. Customers have peace of mind that UKCA Ltd can provide a quality service on any equipment serviced.


A Controlled
Atmosphere Specialist…

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage has been around for decades and is an affordable long-term storage solution for fresh produce. So, what is the difference between CA and DCA?.

CA storage works with recognised safe O2 and CO2 regimes created by research stations to cover all sorts of growing anomalies inmost global climates.

Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) storage monitors the health of the fruit during the storage period, instead of a set regime the oxygen will be reduced until the Low Oxygen Limit (LOL) is reached and then increased to a safe storage level. This LOL can vary annually depending on both climate and growing conditions


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